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There is a dedicated department comprising of three fulltime accounting professionals supervised by a part-time chartered accountant as well as the in house financial controller.

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"Let me congratulate the Foundation for Medical Research for the excellent example which has been set by them for conducting relevant and sustainable research with the least amount of investment...the dedication, the zeal, the enthusiasm and the willingness to provide translational research was evident in all the presentations”

Dr. Syed Hasnain

ex Vice Chancellor

Hyderabad University


The Foundation continues to undertake research into its three traditional areas: Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Modernization of traditional medicine.

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FMR has to date completed over 60 research projects with nearly 300 results in publications worldwide. Your funding will help FMR research further and solve more...

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The Foundation for Medical Research has permanent recognition u/s 35(i)(ii) of the Income Tax Act which enables the donors to avail of tax exemption.

A major problem FMR faces is that grants for research projects do not provide funds for general support of the organization's infrastructure and administrative expenses. Meeting these expenses are vital for continuation of FMR 's work. These expenses include:

Pilot Projects

These studies establish the need and provide direction for further research. It helps to formulate research project proposal which are then submitted for funding to Indian and foreign scientific organizations.


Upgradation of library facilities by installation of Concall. Regular subscription for paid databases. Renovation of library furniture is also envisaged.

Academic Activities

This is an integral activity including attendance at conferences, hosting of workshop and academic exchanges. Additionally, upgradation of statistical packages for sophisticated data analysis.


Purchase of general equipment to replace old machines such as Laminar flows, Autoclaves, Light Microscope with camera attachment, Centrifuges with multiple rotors is required.

In addition, funds are required for specialized equipment viz. HPLC with PDA detector, Genedrive for diagnosis of TB and riampicin resistance, Bioanalyser for genomic DNA analysis and RNA integrity and whole genome sequencing, a cutting edge technology got prediction of resistance and transmission in tuberculosis


Installation of CCTV to improve security of the Foundation’s premises.

Building, Repairs and Maintenance

Funds for regular maintenance of the building such as waterproofing of terrace and painting, etc. are required.

It would be appreciated if you could financially support FMR through your contribution. You may earmark this for any of the above-mentioned expenses or towards development of a corpus, the income from which could be used to support such expenses. Your generosity will be acknowledged in our publications and in other appropriate ways.

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