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Leprosy and Children – A challenge and an opportunity (Invited)

Project team Dr. Nerges F Mistry and Dr.Shubhada Pandya

Funder Novartis Foundation, Switzerland

Duration 2012

Budget Rs.3.00 Lakhs


This is a Literature review encompassing 50 years on childhood leprosy, covering the various aspects. Child leprosy is defined as the percentile of children usually below the age 15, among all new cases detected during the reporting year. It is visualized that at the beginning of a leprosy control programme the proportion of child leprosy is usually low, subsequently tending to increase as case detection becomes more efficient. A decreasing trend in child leprosy may be found in a well run elimination programme.

Contrary to expectation the review show that, occurrence of leprosy in children is still all too frequent in India suggesting continued transmission.

A summary document including 102 references has been prepared and submitted to Novartis Foundation (Basel) in 2012.

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