Medicinal Plants


Correlating the metabolic profile of mouse bio fluids to antidiarrhoeal activity of guava leaf decoction using Citrobacter rodentium model.

Principal Investigator Dr. Tannaz  Birdi

Collaborator Dr. Jia Li, Imperial College, London

Project Team Dr. Pooja Gupta, Ms. Poonam Daswani

Funder Corpus Grant to FMR from Jamsetji Tata Trust

Duration October 2012- March 2013


Metabolomics is an emerging field and has been used to study the gut microbiota using the Citrobacterrodentium model. A short term pilot project was undertaken to correlate the metabolite profile of mouse bio fluids (urine, faeces, plasma, intestinal bio-mass fromcontrol and infected groups) to biological activity of guava leaf decoction was undertaken.

The bio fluids of the mice have been sent to Dr. Jia Li for analysis.

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