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“The staff we met had served for a long time with the foundation and appeared a committed and cohesive group. The interaction and understanding between the three major groups (Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Medicinal Plants) was excellent. The leadership for the three above-mentioned areas was in the hands of experienced researchers and the majority of the junior staff members present during the discussions were confident and articulate”

Dr. S. Mehendale, Director, National institute of Epidemology, Chennai



(Mr. J. N. Godrej, Mrs. A. V. Sheth, Mr. V. K. Sheth Mr. N. B. Godrej, Dr. N. F. Mistry)

Director: Dr. Nerges Mistry


Dr. Vanaja Shetty

(Emeritus Senior Scientist)

Research Assistants

Ms. G. Capadia

Dr. K. Pawar

Dr. A. Khodke

Ms. S. Kamble

Animal House Research Assistant + Supervisor

Ms. A. Dighe

Consultant (Mol. Biology)

Dr. D. Saranath

Technical Assistant

Mr. R. Chile



Dr. Nerges Mistry

Research Officers

Dr. K. Nilgiriwala

Dr. Kalpana S

Research Assistant

Ms. U. Pangal

Public Health Researcher

Ms. E. Lobo

Consultant (Mol. Biology)

Dr. D. Saranath

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Y. Dholakia

Research Consultant

Dr. A. Chatterjee

Consultant Oper. Res

Dr. S. Rangan

Qualitative Data Analyst

Mr. A. Kadam

Intern (Public Health)

Dr. C. Oak

Technical Assistant

Mr. S. Bagwe

climate change & water quality

Dr. Nerges Mistry

Dr. Tannaz Birdi

PhD Student

Ms. R. Dhawde

medicinal plants

Dr. Tannaz Birdi

(Deputy Director)

Post doctoral fellow

Dr. M. Gholkar

Research Assistant

Ms. P. Daswani

Administration & support

Financial Consultant

Mr. A. Siganporia


Ms. R. Jayalakshmy


Ms. M. Puranik

Mr. S. Gaikwad

Administrative Assistant

Mr. P. Shastri

Part time Accountant

Mr. L. Dharamasey

PF Consultant

Mr. M. Kore

Telephone Operator

Mr. K. Shinde


Data Management: Ms. S. Shah

Librarian & Communication: Ms. R. Gadgil

Washroom Helpers: (4)

*as of August 2015

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