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Azure staining of semithin section of a lepromatous nerve.

Active case finding for in Gadcharolli district, Maharashtra - checking for nerve thickening in a leprosy patient

The Foundation, since its inception in 1975, has been conducting basic biomedical and translational research in the field of leprosy. FMR has been a pioneer in the study of nerve damage and ensuing deformities in leprosy, with largest number of publications in peer reviewed journals. The research projects are usually driven by immediately relevant issues, taking advantage of the leads obtained from earlier studies.

India carries the major burden of leprosy patients. Even though prevalence rates (PR) are decreasing with advent of effective chemotherapy, the incidence or new case detection rate (NCDR) shows no change. Of late NCDR is increasing in some pockets with alarminglylarge number of child cases (~35%) suggesting continued transmission, increase in proportion of MB cases and grade 2 deformity suggesting delay in diagnosis. Moreover relapse and resistance of M. leprae to Rifampicin, Dapsone (DDS) and Ofloxacin, detected through the molecular methods are some of the emerging problems.

Studies conducted by FMR highlight these issues and are also instrumental in questioning the government’s claim and rethinking over leprosy elimination in India.


Dr. Srikanth Tripathy, National JALMA Institute for Leprosy and other Mycobacterial Disease, Agra

Prof. Diana Lockwood, Professor of Tropical Medicine & Leprologist,  Faculty of Infectious & Tropical Disease, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Sheela Rangan, Maharashtra Academy of Anthropological Sciences, Pune.

Key Events

Dissemination Meeting on the issue of “Burden of Leprosy – Recent Findings” on 7th February 2009 at Hotel, West End, Mumbai.

Discussion on the issues and constrains encountered by NGOs related to their Projects in Mumbai “Meeting of Leprosy NGOs working in Mumbai” at FMR on 28th April 2014

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