The earlier Wellcome Trust funded project on "Construction of a Molecular Epidemiological Framework for MDR-TB in Urban and Rural Areas of Western India was seminal in (a) highlighting the significant levels of multidrug resistance (MDR) in TB strains from patients accessing the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) (b) the repertoire of predominant strain clusters in the city (c) establishing techniques for Drug Resistance (DR) genotyping, expansion of molecular epidemiological methods for strain differentiation and in vitro parameters for description of strain fitness. The study culminated in the collection of over 1,000 clinical strains, a significant proportion of which were longitudinally collected from patients at initiation and end of Anti-Koch’s Therapy (AKT) (Category 1). Preliminary investigations of such strains revealed that strains starting AKT as per drug sensitive transformed to multi-drug resistance by the end of six months of AKT. This allowed the framing of objectives and line of work in the following projects.

Visit by Dr Rod Escombe, Imperial College, London for review on Air borne Infection Control at Sewri TB Hospital, Mumbai – discussions with clinicians.


Prof. Derrick Crook, Oxford University, UK

Prof. Edward Nardell, Bringham Hospital, USA

Dr. Paolo Vineis, Imperial College, London

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai – TB Control Programme

Dr. Camilla Rodrigues, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Ms. Anita Patil-Deshmukh, PUKAR, Mumbai

Dr Mitchell G. Weiss, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Srikanth Tripathy, National JALMA Institute for Leprosy and other Mycobacterial Disease, Agra

Key Events

International Dissemination Seminar on “MDR-TB: Emerging Issues” at Fariyas Resort, Lonavala from 8th – 10th August 2008

All city workshop : “Quality perspectives in health and the process of NICE, UK” by Dr. Kalipso Chalkidou, NICE International on 8th August 2010

Lecture on “Preventing TB Transmission in health care facilities” by Rod, Escombe, Imperial College, UK at Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai on 31st March 2011

All City Workshop  on “Focusing on solutions for TB Control in Mumbai” at Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai on 8th February 2012

Training workshop for RNTP staff on “Principles of Airborne Infection Control” at Sewri GTB Auditorium by Dr. Rod Escombe, Imperial College, UK on 15 September 2012.

Course for Engineers in “Airborne Infection Control” by Dr. Ed Nardell, Harvard School of Public Health, USA from 16th – 21st and 23rd – 27th September 2013.

Mumbai Alliance Against TB : “Issues of DR TB in Mumbai” – Consultation meeting with Shri Keshav Desiraju, Health Secretary on 16th January 2014.


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