Research Opportunities

The Foundation is on the lookout for a multidisciplinary cadre of staff and students with a biomedical, public health and social sciences background. Besides undertaking of research, the staff is encouraged to participate actively in the advocacy of the research findings which give value to the Foundation’s work beyond academic outcomes by addressing urgent needs of vulnerable populations and contributing to nation building.

Whilst the Foundation provides academic opportunities for undertaking degree work (Master’s and Doctoral) in Applied Biology, Public Health and Social Sciences staff can be attached to appropriate institutes in Mumbai with whom FMR networks. Besides, offering degrees, the Foundation stresses on capacity building for all levels of staff (see section on Increasing Research Capacities) and encourages independent conceptualizing planning and undertaking of work.

The projects undertaken at the Foundation involve laboratory as well as field based research and entail a wide variety of themes viz., molecular biology, neurobiology, microbiology, cell biology, environmental sciences, biotechnology, qualitative and operations health research, data management. The FMR provides excellent training ground for aspiring and motivated researchers with its wide network of national and international mentors and access to any appropriate technology that is needed.

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