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The Foundation seeks a multidisciplinary cadre of staff and students with a biomedical, public health or social sciences background. We offer exciting and challenging research opportunities to researchers who wish to make a difference in the infectious disease especially related to airborne pathogens or address contemporary issues like climate change, anti-microbial resistance and health systems that impact the health and disease status of vulnerable population of India. Besides the undertaking of research, the staff is encouraged to participate actively in the advocacy of the research findings, which give value to the Foundation’s work beyond academic outcomes by addressing the urgent needs of vulnerable populations and contributing to nation building.

Whilst the Foundation provides academic opportunities for students for undertaking degree work (Master’s and Doctoral) in Applied Biology, Public Health and Social Sciences staff can be attached to appropriate institutes in Mumbai with whom FMR networks. Besides, offering degrees, the Foundation also encourages students and recent graduates to undertake internships and fellowships.


Dr. Ambreen Shaikh had the opportunity to attend 15th Swiss Epidemiology Winter School in Wengen, Switzerland

The projects undertaken at the Foundation involve laboratory as well as field-based research and entail a wide variety of themes viz., molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, bioinformatics, environmental sciences, phytomedicine, biotechnology, qualitative and operations health research, epidemiology and data management. The Foundation provides an excellent training ground for aspiring and motivated researchers with its wide network of national and international mentors and access to any appropriate technology. It provides its researchers, opportunities to attend talks/meetings with field leaders- both scientific and other disciplines to develop holistic competency.

Staff researchers

The Foundation has multiple levels of research cadres from research officers to research assistants and field assistants. Technical and field assistants, based on their technical competencies and academic scholarship, also have the opportunity to participate in publications, attendance in training opportunities and conferences.

The Foundation encourages open applications from competent candidates throughout the year and applications to specific opportunities that can be accessed in current opportunities. Interested candidates can send their CVs and purpose of application to fmr@fmrindia.org.

Fellowships and Studentships

The Foundation is affiliated with Mumbai University for post-graduate/doctoral degrees and has been recognized as a national research organization by the Government of India. Opportunities are available for pursuing postgraduate dissertation studies, doctoral studies and post-doctoral studies at the Foundation. Selected candidates will get opportunities to apply for national and international competitive fellowships through the Foundation.

The Foundation is open to hosting interested researchers applying to various fellowships / programmes including those from the Department of Science & Technology (such as the National Post-Doctoral Fellowship, the various Women Scientist Schemes), Department of Biotechnology (such as the DBT- RA- BioCARe programme) and INSPIRE fellowships.


Short-term and long-term internship opportunities are available for students, recent graduates, national and international exchange students to pursue and develop research capacity in the research areas of mutual interest. We also encourage internships in supportive positions like fundraising, proposal development, documentation writing etc. Interested individuals can email their expression of interest to fmr@fmrindia.org. and we will contact you.

Specialized training

The Foundation has state of the art facilities for infectious disease research and work with contemporary technologies including the new age omics technologies and virtual training platforms like ECHO. We offer training in various areas like experimental design, bacterial and eukaryotic cell culture with sterility techniques, genomics, proposal writing, virtual training modes and community health issues. Tailor made training programme could be devised through mutual discussions.

Current opportunities

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